GRTA hopes to have more vehicles by March

Guam Regional Transport Authority (PNC file photo)

The Guam Regional Transit Authority is working to add more paratransit vehicles to its fleet after finding $400,000 in federal funds that have been unused since 2005.

According to GRTA Director Celestin Babauta, the funds were discovered after he met with U.S. Department of Transportation officials in Hawaii.

Currently, only 14 of 23 of the agency’s vehicles are functional, a jump from only seven that were operational at the beginning of 2019.

Babauta says that he hopes these additional vehicles would make it possible for two fleets to serve the island instead of one.

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“We’re hoping that we can use the $400,000 hybrid type vehicles. Based on Guam’s roads and population, we’re looking at buying vans that are more mobile. I’m hoping to get about 10 vans,” Babauta said.

Babauta hopes to make a final proposal for the vehicles by March 2020.

He adds that the agency is also working to acquire a transportation management system, which would help operations run more effectively, gather data for reports, and provide better customer service.