GRTA now up to 11 working buses

Guam Regional Transport Authority (PNC file photo)

The administration has announced that there are more working Guam Regional Transit Authority vehicles in operation now thanks to work done by environment and infrastructure advisor Eric Palacios and Department of Parks and Recreation Chief Planner Jose Quinata.

According to a release from the Governor’s office there are now 11 working GRTA vehicles compared to just 4 a little more than two weeks ago. The Governor’s office credits this improvement to Palacios and Quinata who were tasked by the Governor to “assess the situation at GRTA, proffer solutions, and assist GRTA in executing the changes.” GRTA’s fleet has gone from having just 1 bus for fixed routes and 3 para transit buses to 5 buses for fixed routes and 6 para transit buses.

There are still 4 buses under repair. Buses with the GRTA fleet have not been well maintained in large part because there has not been a maintenance contract in effect. The Governor’s office says a maintenance contract is in its final stages of review.