GSA Scraps GEC Bid For Office Space Because Of Potential Protest


Guam- The Guam Election Commission (GEC) still has no lease agreement.

Executive Director John Blas says they still have holdover tenant status with the GCIC building because their current bid for office space was thrown out by the General Services Agency. Blas explains while their current landlord generally met GEC’s specifications, GSA did not want to approve the bid because GCIC did not meet the 4 thousand square feet requirement.

“The Chief Procurement Officer advised me that if they were to award the bid to our current landlord, then there’s a potential protest because there is a vendor that submitted 4,000 square feet that we were asking for” said Blas.

Blas adds misinformation and a technicality led to no bid being awarded. However, the bid for office space will re-opened on January 13. Blas hopes to get a response and have a new lease by the end of the month. GEC’s holdover tenant status costs the Government of Guam about $6,689 a month, which is $500 dollars more than what it would pay as a regular tenant.