GTA goes green with paperless billing


As part of its ongoing commitment to going-green and promoting eco-friendly practices in our community, GTA encourages customers to join in its efforts by switching to electronic billing or E-Pay.

With E-Pay, customers can view their bills up to a year behind, print bills only as needed, make payment online, and even schedule automatic payments every month with the AutoPay option.

Sharon Davis, Vice President of Customer Experience, says, “GTA is taking steps to provide convenience for customers while actively promoting sustainability through our electronic billing platform. Switching to E-Pay offers tremendous benefits and is such a simple way to cut our carbon footprint. It means fewer printed billing statements and the ability for customers to have access to their bills online anytime, anywhere. It’s convenient, simple, and good for our environment.”

Should customers choose to continue to receive printed bills, GTA will begin charging all existing customers $3 for printed statements every month, starting July 1.

To make these changes, please contact GTA at 671-644-4482, via WhatsApp at 671-4898255, chat with GTA on Live Chat at, email at, or visit GTA at its retail locations at AAFB, Micronesia Mall Experience Center, Tamuning Experience Center, or the NEX.

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