GTA helps support COVID-19 frontliners


Guam is no stranger to natural disasters nor epidemics. Coming together as a community is second nature to us islanders and GTA, a local company rooted in our island for over 60 years, who has always been a part of this resilient fabric.

Today, the GTA family teams up for our COVID front line workers. Making it a conscious, community effort to boost morale and help with things as small as providing meals to almost 400 individuals at the front lines of this crisis, is at the heart of this company.

The faces of our everyday heroes GTA is supporting includes the Guam Memorial Hospital (skilled nursing unit, isolation center, quarantine sites), Department of Public Health and Social Services (call centers, labs, public health centers, screening stations), and the Guam Fire Department.

“We are appreciative of GTA taking the effort to put this together for us. It is more important than food, it’s the community showing they care, they feel for us, and they’re showing up for us. We hope the community continues to show us that love,” states Kevin Reilly, Public Information Officer of the Guam Fire Department.

GTA would like to encourage the community to continue to promote simple acts of kindness and aid our frontline workers. The company’s “Team Up for Guam” initiative seeks to challenge anyone to put their best foot forward and contribute to helping Guam overcome this pandemic together.

“This is a very trying time for our community. We are committed to support our heroes that are sacrificing time away from their families to be at the forefront of this pandemic. The simplest thing we can all do for them is stay home,” states GTA President Roland Certeza.

(press release)