GTA Launches New Wireless Home Internet Service



Michele Catahay Perez
Community Relations Manager, GTA

GTA is pleased to announce the launch of a new service called Wireless Home Internet, which can wirelessly deliver high-speed internet to your home with speeds up to 100 Mbps. This service is for customers living in areas that cannot get traditional GTA high-speed internet services that Fiber to the Neighborhood provides.

GTA Wireless Home Internet is now available in Yigo (Upi and Marianas Terrace), Nimitz Estates, Santa Rita, Ipan, Malojloj, Inajaran, and Merizo (Pigua).
Andrew Gayle, Chief Operating Officer, says, “We are constantly expanding our fiber network to better serve our customers, but because our infrastructure is underground, it can take years to deliver in hard-to-reach areas. With Wireless Home Internet, we can offer fast and reliable internet to more underserved areas of the island sooner because no place is too far.”
With Wireless Home Internet, the internet connection comes from a GTA tower to a small outdoor antenna on your home, or in some cases, an indoor router. GTA uses a dedicated spectrum separate from its mobile phone network to ensure a reliable experience.

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