GTA optimizes network to deliver an enhanced wireless experience to subscribers


As part of its ongoing commitment to providing a quality network experience for customers, GTA continues to make significant investments to enhance the wireless offerings and improve the quality of service for its subscribers.

The local telecom company continues to enhance network sites for wireless spectrum, paving the way to boost the capacity to meet the growing demand for high-speed wireless
service. These enhancements will allow increased coverage and higher speeds.

Roland Certeza, president and CEO, says, “Technology improves our quality of life, and with our commitment to expanding coverage and increasing our footprint on the island, we can accommodate the demand for faster and more reliable data speeds.”

GTA is enhancing its coverage footprint throughout the island, recently completing 14
additional enhancements and more through Q4. Subscribers will expect to see improved
coverage throughout the island.

In addition to improving performance through additional spectrum, GTA will continue to
enhance coverage areas over the next year, which will increase network coverage to about
95% of where GTA customers live, work, and play. Further investments also include adding
more fiber to existing sites so homes can experience faster internet speeds and expanded

(GTA News Release)