GTA TeleGuam Adds 9 New Digital and HD Television Channels on GUdTV


Guam – GTA TeleGuam has announced its largest television channel expansion since the company launched its all-digital television service almost two years ago.  The digital and high definition channel additions are at no additional cost to subscribers.
GTA TeleGuam added nine channels including two new digital, one international radio channel and six HD channels to its lineup for GUdTV, short for Guam Digital Television. GUdTV now offers more than 270 digital channels including almost 60 premium channels, 30 HD channels, and 26 international channels, the most available on Guam.

“GUdTV is all about superior picture quality, more choices and overall better viewing experience,” said Andrew Gayle, executive vice president of product development and management for GTA TeleGuam.  “GTA TeleGuam will continually add and expand its digital television offerings to better meet the diverse viewing interests of our customers.”

To improve its digital TV content offering, simplify channel surfing and make room for new HD channels, GTA TeleGuam assigned new display numbers to selected channels, including the popular Pay Per View, which will now be on Channel 999. Customers can see the new lineup on their channel guide or online at

Because of the channel number changes, customers may need to re-program certain settings on their televisions.  These include favorite channel settings, parental controls, program reminder times and scheduled recordings on videocassette recorders (VCRs).

The six new HD channels include CNN, TNT, TBS, USA, SyFy, and E!  These channels also remain available in the digital format for non-HD subscribers.

GTA TeleGuam added Home Shopping Network (HSN) to its Essential Digital package (Ch. 14).  The second new digital channel addition was Chiller, devoted exclusively to the horror/thriller genre.  Chiller is included in the Choice Digital package on Channel 116.

GTA TeleGuam launched its 100 percent digital GUdTV service in October 2008 as a competitive alternative to traditional cable television.  More than 5,000 island residents and businesses have since switched to GUdTV because of its superior picture quality, extensive channel selection, and value.  Basic GUdTV packages start at $29.95 a month.

GTA TeleGuam offers monthly discounts to customers who bundle communication services like broadband Internet access, wireless and home phone service with digital television packages.