GTA TeleGuam Expands Wireless Roaming to New Caledonia


Guam – Guam athletes, representatives, and attendees of the  14th Pacific Games in New Caledonia that are customers of GTA Mpulse Wireless service will now be able to call home to report on Guam’s progress with the newly established voice roaming agreement between GTA and OPT New Caledonia.

GTA Mpulse Wireless announced it has expanded its wireless roaming services to include New Caledonia, which is made possible through an agreement between GTA and the Office des Postes et Télécommunications, or the Post and Telecommunications Office of New Caledonia, also known as OPT.  OPT is the government agency that is responsible for the postal service as well as telecommunications service in New Caledonia.

“At GTA, our goal is to create even more value for our growing customer base by continually working to provide expanded roaming service where our customers need it most,” says Roland Certeza, EVP of sales and marketing at GTA TeleGuam.  “By continuing to form relationships with new roaming partners, and reducing the divide of almost 3,000 miles between Guam and New Caledonia, GTA TeleGuam continues to show our customers that we are ‘always there for you’ even in New Caledonia.”

The Pacific Games was founded in 1962 and is held every fourth year in various participating Pacific Islands, with this year’s 14th Pacific Games being held in New Caledonia. It will feature 28 sporting events and host over 5000 athletes from 22 countries. The Games open August 27 through September 10, creating huge demand on telecommunications.

GTA TeleGuam now offers voice and data roaming to 35 countries.