GTA TeleGuam to Invest $10M in 2011 to Expand, Improve Services


Guam – GTA TeleGuam said Thursday that it plans to invest about $10 million during 2011 to expand and improve its integrated communications networks for wireless, digital television, broadband Internet access and basic phone services in Guam.
GTA TeleGuam’s latest investment brings to more than $90 million the amount of money it has pumped back into the island’s communications infrastructure since the company was privatized in January 2005.

“Our new and past capital investments are intended to maintain Guam as a natural communications gateway between Asia and North America and GTA TeleGuam as the communications provider of choice on the island,” said Roland Certeza, executive vice president of sales and marketing for GTA TeleGuam.

“GTA TeleGuam’s new investments will help the company stay ahead of growing communications demand in Guam due to the military buildup, tourism, and economic rise in Asia,” Certeza said.

Although GTA TeleGuam continues to heavily invest in wireless, digital television and high-speed Internet access because of their respective growth potential, the company also is committing significant investments in renovating its typhoon-ready local telephone network.

As carrier of last resort for landline phone service on island, GTA TeleGuam has an important responsibility to maintain reliable communications.  Initiatives are underway to upgrade the company’s copper and fiber cable network and to enhance proactive network monitoring and management.  These projects are intended to speed up new telephone installations, repairs and local call center support.

GTA TeleGuam is the only communications carrier in Guam that delivers wireless, digital television, high-speed Internet access and landline telephone service through its own integrated communications networks.  Other providers on Guam act as middlemen for bundled communications services that they do not directly provide.

Through bundling communications services, consumers get discounts and save time as well as costs for managing multiple providers and bills.

Guam has one of the most competitive communications markets in the world. Four independent wireless carriers, three competitive local exchange providers, two pay television service companies and one carrier of last resort provide communications services in the 212-square mile island with a population of about 180,000 persons.

The island also has the fifth highest broadband access penetration rates among all U.S. States and Territories, according the latest FCC report on broadband penetration in this country.