Guahan Academy Charter School Called for Oversight Hearing


Guam – The administrators and leaders of Guahan Academy Charter School have been called to an oversight hearing scheduled for next Monday.


Education Oversight Chair Speaker Judi Won Pat hopes to get an update on the Charter School’s operations, finances and the procurement of supplies and equipment at the hearing.

The school opened to students at the start of the school year as the island’s first charter school and won pat says she hasn’t heard an update from the school since then.

Won pat adds that she’d also like to question the school’s administrators about some of the adult programs she’s heard the school plans to offer as she says that would be outside of the mandate for charter schools.

“The mandate of course is that these are school age children that they are public school children,” Won Pat told PNC. “I’m not saying that we don’t want to cater to and help adults with other programs but the primary focus should be with public school aged children, and based on what they’ve submitted to the charter academy in which their charter was granted. And so there shouldn’t be any deviation from that.”

The oversight hearing is scheduled to be held on November 25th at 10am in the Legislative Public Hearing Room.