Guahan Paws for Pets holds successful adoption event

Guahan Paws for Pets held its first pet adoption event. (PNC photo)

Guahan Paws for Pets held its first pet adoption event at Governor Joseph Flores / Ypao Beach Park over the weekend.

According to group founder Tina Guzman, out of the 30 animals present, they were able to have 8 adopted — 5 puppies, 1 adult dog, 2 kittens — and all of them were boonie rescues.

Ciera Tamayo, one of the admins of the Guahan Paws for PetsFacebook group,  says that events such as theirs are important because each rescue pet has a story and the foster parents can come out and tell them to potential adopters.

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“They get to have everyone fall in love with their animal and how they were picked up from the streets, or thrown from a vehicle and rehabilitating, and how loving they are but would never even think they have been through horrible things because they just want to be loved,” Tamayo said.

Through their Facebook page, the group has members of the community contact them about strays that are found and asking for foster caretakers.

Group co-admin Leilani Puga said that one challenge they’re trying to overcome is getting enough volunteers.

“Sometimes we can get fosters, sometimes it’s just so hard because a lot of our fosters are maxed out. You know, they have 10, 7, 20 animals in their house, so sometimes we help pay for their vets so they can continue to foster,” Puga said.

The group supports foster caretakers, through donations, fundraisers, and their $50 adoption fees.

With residents asking for another event, Guahan Paws for Pets is looking to set up another adoption event on Saturday, June 12th, in conjunction with the Boonie Baby Foundation at the Hyatt Recency Guam.

They are still waiting for further confirmation.