Guahan Sustainable Culture looking for recruits

Guahan Sustainable Culture (PNC screen capture)

Two organizations are teaming up to create a sustainable future for Guam and they are looking for new recruits for their cause.

Guahan Sustainable Culture (GSC) is a non-profit organization that envisions an island where people strive for food sovereignty and residents are proficient in growing their own food, and Guam’s environment is sustained for future generations.

In their first year working with Americorps, program coordinator Rebecca Cepeda says GSC is excited to be opening its doors to 46 new members to work with their organization.

She tells PNC what members can expect when becoming part of the program

“We’re going to be training these members to host workshops, different types of workshops. For example, within our Healthy Futures Initiative, there would be raising chickens for egg production, vegetables and herb gardening, soil and composting, raised bed and container gardening, pest control, food preparation and preservation which would include cooking and dehydration, herb drying, and spice making,” Cepeda said.

She added: “They can expect to be a part of all of that and be trained to host these workshops. They can bring in beneficiaries and possible volunteers within that workshop so the rest of the island can do these things as well.”

Cepeda said that GHS partnered with Americorps so that Americorps could help them host workshops.

With the rise of “pandemic gardening,” Cepeda says that although she can’t predict whether Guam will make progress towards Guahan Sustainable Culture’s vision within the next year or so, she does believe the island is heading in the right direction.

“Anything we cannot answer as far as moving forward and statistically speaking, we’ll get better numbers as these members join us as we move forward with community gardening and working hand-in-hand with other organizations on island. I do think we’re on the absolute right track as far as moving quicker. That is something we definitely want to be doing so we can have less dependency on the imported items and whatnot. But I can’t speak for the island itself. We’re just trying to contribute our time and effort to the community and make sure this service opportunity is broadcast to everyone,” Cepeda said.

The program is still open for enrollment.

Interested participants must be: 17 years and older; a citizen, national or lawful permanent resident of the US; and must consent to a criminal background check.

Cepeda says the program is also for current students, individuals who plan on going back to school, or anyone who is interested in giving back to the community through the service opportunity.

Those who complete the 12-month program will gain access to a grant of more than $3,000. The money can be put towards either past or current tuition bills. This can also be transferred outside of Guam and will be good for 7 years.

Contact the Guahan Sustainable Culture for more information.