Governor: Decision on Changes at GMH Before the Month is Out


Guam – It’s clear that the Calvo Administration is planning some big changes at Guam Memorial Hospital, but so far the Governor is not saying just what changes or when.

Last week’s Health Transition Report recommended the Governor take over administration of the hospital and fire the current management. Monday, in his weekly address, the Governor said he is “working with the Hospital’s leadership to make some much-needed changes at GMH.”

But the Governor declined to say what changes would be made and when he would make them.

The Governor told PNC News “I intend to work with the Board and the management to make those improvements.” But he declined to be specific about what those improvement would be at this time. “I do believe there are changes required,” he said “but with that in mind these changes and improvements must be made with as least disruption as possible.”

The Governor said he expects to announce just what those changes would be before the month is out.