VIDEO: CNMI Report – Budget Demands Exceed Resources


Guam – Government agencies in the CNMI are submitting budgets that exceed the $53.3 million ceiling set for the Executive Branch for fiscal year 2012.

The Commonwealth is paring down its spending after learning that its projected revenues for the next fiscal year is down to $120 million, a $12-million decrease from the $132 million earmarked in fiscal year 2011.

This has forced most agencies to submit proposed budgets that are 9 percent to 10 percent lower than their current budgets.

The Public School System, however, submitted a spending proposal that is $6 million more than the $30 million it received in fiscal year 2011.

It was reported that the Department of Public Health also submitted a higher budget request for next fiscal year.

Other agencies that have so far submitted their budget requests include the departments of Public Health, Public Safety, Corrections, Public Works, Community and Cultural Affairs, and Finance.