Guam 350 Takes Active Role In 10:10:10 WAVE For The Earth


Guam- Guam 350 is inviting the entire community to participate in its campaign to help solve the Earth’s climate crisis.

The organization’s president Edna Hardy says Guam 350 stands for 350 Parts Per Million (PPM) or the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to keep our climate stable. Hardy also mentions this Sunday, Guam will be participate with millions of other people from 181 countries for the 10-10-10 wave for earth. She adds the goal this year is to encourage individuals, businesses and big polluters worldwide to cut their emissions by 10%.

“On October 10, we’re going to be having a global worldwide party promoting environmental care….especially here in the pacific where we have small island nations” said Hardy. “We really need to watch the effect of climate change in our shores and our environment.”

The Guam 350 organization is only a year old and is largely compromised of students from Guam’s Catholic schools and public schools. Hardy is inviting everyone to attend their Sunday wave at the ITC intersection around 4 pm. For more information, check out Guam 350 on facebook or at