Guam added to Hawaii trusted traveler program

Recently, Hawaii opened travel to residents and visitors through the Pre-Travel Testing Program.

Hawaii will accept COVID-19 test results from Guam after all … thanks to a phone call from Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.

Our governor called Hawaii Governor David Ige this morning to confirm that Guam will be added to Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program.

Under the Pre-Travel Testing Program, travelers with written confirmation of a negative result from a state-approved COVID-19 testing facility will be able to bypass Hawaii’s mandatory quarantine order.

The test must also have been taken within 72 hours from the final leg of departure.

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There are currently 16 laboratory partners in Hawaii’s program, including Diagnostic Laboratory Services.

Just yesterday, the Hawaii State Department of Health issued a release that named criteria for labs that it would accept COVID-19 test results from.

The language seemed to exclude Guam.

The wording says, “The state of Hawaii will ONLY accept Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests — or NAAT — from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment — or CLIA — lab test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS.”

Although Guam has labs that are CLIA-certified and offer PCR testing — which is a type of NAAT test — they were not included in the list of “trusted testing and travel partners.”

GVB vice president Gerry Perez said during a board meeting yesterday, “That’s really important because a lot of people from Guam go to Hawaii to visit friends and family or for medical reasons. They accept testing labs from the west coast, but not from Guam.”

In a news release issued today, Governor Leon Guerrero said, “After speaking with Governor Ige..we both agreed that the Department of Public Health and Social Services’ Guam Public Health Laboratory is qualified for their Trusted Traveler program…and meets the standard for inclusion.”

“Guam’s Public Health Director, Art San Agustin, is coordinating with Hawaii health officials to ensure our travelers en route to Hawaii..who meet the proper test criteria..are welcomed into the program.”