Guam adopting QR code system for COVID-19 vaccination verification


COVID-19 vaccination verification on Guam is going high-tech.

Travelers to Guam will soon be able to just present a QR code at the airport as additional proof of full vaccination.

During the Tourism Recovery Task Force meeting held this morning, Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association President Mary Rhodes said they have been coordinating with G8Pass, a US-based company that offers comprehensive HIPAA-compliant Digital Health Passes (DHPs), to implement a QR code COVID vaccination verification system on Guam.

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According to GHRA, the G8Pass system supports a safe reopening of Guam for the community and tourists by providing a free, secured, voluntary digital platform for the people and community of Guam to attest their coronavirus vaccination status, or recent history of a negative COVID-19 test.

Comparable to a mobile or digital airline boarding pass, you can store your passes digitally on your smartphones or print them out to present at participating businesses, hotels, and venues.

Businesses and venues can verify your pass by scanning it to ensure you meet any COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements for entry. Along with your G8Pass, you’ll be asked to show a valid ID that confirms your name and birth date to verify that the Pass belongs to you. Adults may hold passes for accompanying minors.

Once you enter an establishment or event, you will still be required to follow the standard state and CDC protcols regarding social distancing, face coverings, and hand hygiene to help protect yourself and others.

GHRA has already opened website where applicants can soon apply to get a G8Pass QR code. After the applicant’s information verification is completed by a federal website, G8Pass will send the QR code directly to the applicant’s smartphone to start using immediately, no app needed.

“It’s not a mobile application, it is web-based. So you’ll be able to register and get your QR code. And then it’s verified through the WebID,” Rhodes said.

She added: “The QR code will make it a lot easier for people that have been vaccinated already. They can just pull their phones out to show the QR code which certifies that they have been fully vaccinated,” Rhodes said.

According to Rhodes, the QR system is not just meant for travel at the airport or going to other destinations, the system can also be used locally as hotels, restaurants, and other businesses reopen for business.

In fact, the G8Pass system is being touted as a solution to help shuttered venues reopen for business quickly.

According to the company, its Digital Health Pass (DHP) presents a compelling solution to reopen because the system requires minimal setup time and costs to bring shuttered venues back to operations quickly.

Moreover, the system offers a HIPAA-secured, simple, quick, and low-cost process to ensure adoption from participants. Shuttered businesses can open for business when participants present their DHP at the entrance, ensuring safety for all and boosting their consumer confidence.

Rhodes stressed that the QR code system is not meant to replace any travel documents.

“Definitely, you must have your vaccination card and your letter. But the QR code is another way to have second verification, and it’s something that other countries might adopt. So it’s better to have the QR as well, especially if you’re traveling … It’s just the way the world is working right now, you know, paper documents are one thing, but going electronically is the way of the future and meant to complement the paper documents,” Rhodes said.

GHRA plans to roll out the vaccination verification QR system next week when it holds its Economic Forum.

According to Rhodes, people who got vaccinated at the Guam Regional Medical Center and the American Medical Center are already eligible to get the QR code.

The QR system will also provide information on PCR testing. “So it’s a one-stop shop really and when you’re scheduling all of this, it’s all there, so that when you are using it you can use it to verify, both your vaccination, as well as your test,” Rhodes said.

GHRA is reaching out to United Airlines to see if the airline can use the QR code system as part of its pre-flight verification process.