Guam AG Office Issues Official Reply to Court Case Davis v Guam


Guam’s attorney general has offered its reply to allegations made by Dave Davis that there is inherent discrimination in Guam’s Decolonization Registry. The reply comes a little more than a month after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the District Courts original decision that Davis’ case was not ripe for adjudication.



In court papers filed in district court, Guam’s AG’s office has responded to each claim made by Davis. While the AG’s office recognized the ninth circuit’s decision, they maintain GovGuam’s initial arguments. GovGuam cited the dissenting opinion of judge N.R. Smith, who said that the district court’s original ruling was correct and Davis’ claim was not ripe for adjudication. Davis alleges that Guam’s decolonization registry is discriminatory because only “native inhabitants of Guam,” can join the registry. According to the Attorney General, the term “native inhabitants of Guam,” is a political categorization, not a racial one. Therefore, according to the AG’s office, Davis has failed to claim discrimination relief under the U.S. constitution. The ninth circuit ruled that Davis received “injury,” based on the fact that he was not allowed to join the registry to begin with. You can read the AG’s reply, online at