Guam airport enlists the help of charter flights to make up for Delta loss


lost direct route may not affect tourist numbers. 

Guam – Amidst the influx of tourist travel for the incoming holidays, Delta airlines has ceased direct flights to Osaka, Japan from Guam.

However, the Guam International Airport spokesperson notes that despite the loss, they are seeing positive growth.

 The airport Marketing Administrator and Spokesperson, Rolenda Faasumalie assured PNC that despite the 4,000 sum loss of seats, the airport is doing everything they can to maintain the much-needed seat capacity.

“Well, Delta’s suspending service from Kansai of course, negatively affects us by what they’ve regularly scheduled to operate, but like I’ve said there were four airline operators that have picked up that route to Kansai-Guam. And hopefully, that will offset the numbers that we’ve lost and there are charter operators that are looking into that routing,” she said. 


Faasuamalie says the airport is working hard and that four airlines: United, T’Way, China Airline, and Korean Air operating out of the Guam airport will help maintain the current market as well as provide for a way for passengers to have a way to come to Guam.