Guam airport extends airline incentive program

Japan Airlines (file photo)

The Guam International Airport Authority is extending its airline incentive program.

GIAA deputy director Ricky Hernandez made the announcement during the Recovery Task Force meeting Wednesday.

The airport’s airline incentive program, called Airline Recovery Assistance and Incentivizing Service, or the “Airline RAISE” program, was started by GIAA last March.

Under the program, any airline with direct scheduled non-US service to Guam will be eligible for airport fee discounts of initially 25 percent, which can further be expanded to 50 percent.

The incentive program was supposed to last only until July 31, but Hernandez said GIAA decided to extend the program through September 2021.

The rates and charges to airlines that the airport discounted are what GIAA calls operational rates and charges including airfield use, landing and loading fees, immigration inspection fees for international arrivals, as well as arrivals and departures.

The cumulative percentage discount that the airport is looking for initially is up to 25% of these operational rates and charges for a minimum of one flight per week.

Even with the airport having its airline incentive program, Hernandez said GIAA still plans to work closely with the Guam Visitors Bureau on the bureau’s own “Hafa Price” program, which also provides incentives to airlines.