Guam Airport launches Automated Passport Control kiosks


Instead of filling out paper Customs declaration forms, eligible passengers can now use the new self-service Automated Passport Control kiosks at the Guam International Airport.

Guam – Long lines at passport control will be a thing of the past. The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority has officially launched its Automated Passport Control, or APC, self-service kiosks in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection immigration hall.

At the ribbon cutting this morning, Governor Eddie Calvo spoke of the influx of foreign visitors continuing to rise, and the significance of the airport’s new service. “One thing that’s evident over these past few years: there’s been big increases in the number of tourists coming into Guam. And take a look at those numbers,” Calvo said. “We’re looking at 2 million tourists by the year 2020… We gotta make sure that all areas in terms of what is in contact with those tourists, that they are able to keep up with these rising numbers.”

Over half a million dollars was invested to automate the border clearance process, resulting in shorter wait times for travelers entering Guam. The eight APC kiosks will expedite the entry process for U.S., Canadian, and eligible Visa Waiver Program international travelers, giving four times more travelers processed for every border officer.

There are a few quick steps to use the APC kiosk; you should be done in about a minute.

  1. Have your passport ready and choose your language.
  2. Select your travel document type.
  3. Place your passport face-down on the scanner with the scan code on top, hold it down firmly until it’s done scanning, and confirm the information.
  4. Choose your travel purpose.
  5. Take your picture. You can adjust the camera angle.
  6. If you’re traveling with your family, you can be processed together.
  7. Confirm the flight you just arrived on.
  8. Take your receipt down to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer. 

Shorter wait times, less congestion, faster processing — these are just a few of the benefits the Guam International Airport’s new self-service APC kiosks now offer to travelers.