CIS Conference Will Highlight Similarities Between Guam and Alaska


This year’s CIS conference will be titled, ‘Islanded Communities.” and it is set for the weekend of April 11-16.

Guam – What do Guam and Alaska have in common?  One University of Guam professor says the two share a common goal for renewable energy.


Researchers from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks will be on Guam to promote and teach the ways Alaska uses renewable energy. Despite the differences in land mass and climate, Alaska and Guam share one similarity: their remote locations. Because of Alaska’s remote location they have energy structures similar to an island. Researchers from the Alaska Center for Energy and Power will be coming to Guam to share their knowledge. The ACEP will setup workshops during the University of Guam’s annual Center for Island Sustainability Conference for interested parties to attend and learn more about different renewable strategies. Both Dr. John Peterson, executive director of UOG’s Center for Island Sustainability, and UOG President Robert Underwood visited the university of Alaska-Fairbanks which prompted the centers involvement in the conference.


“And one of their activities is a day long workshop, where they start out with the most basic energy terms, what is a watt? Its a primer for island renewable energy and Alaska renewable energy and then they go through all the different aspects of energy all the different kinds of energy, all the different kinds of available renewable technologies and by the end of the day they feel like they’ve gotten to the point of better fluency and literacy for citizens who are attending these meetings to then begin examining what it means to look for alternate or renewable energy sources,” said Peterson.