Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas Blasts “BLAST”


Guam – Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas has joined Attorneys Generals from 16 states and the City of San Francisco in expressing “serious concern” about a product made by the Pabst Brewing Company called “BLAST.”

In a letter to the Chairman and CEO of the Pabst Brewing Company, the Attorneys General point out that one 23.5 ounce can of “BLAST” contains an alcohol concentration of 12%.

“One can of BLAST consumed on a single occasion is a binge drinking episode,” write the Attorneys Generals.

Read the letter to Pabst about BLAST

And with its fruit flavors of grape, strawberry-lemonade strawberry-watermelon and blueberry-pomegranate, it appears to be aimed at young consumers.

“We believe the manufacturing and marketing of this flavored ‘binge in a can’ poses a grave public safety threat and is irresponsible,” states the letter.

The Attorneys Generals “urge” Pabst “to take immediate steps to significantly reduce the number of servings of alcohol presented to consumers in a single serving container so as to eliminate the serious public safety risks posed by this ‘binge-in-a-can’ product.”

The campaign against BLAST has attracted some national media attention as well.

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A posting on quotes Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen as saying that “Despite the company’s admonition to purchasers to drink responsibly, the product’s design promotes excessive consumption.”