Guam-based filmmaker gets major studio backing for movie

This is not Bobby Bonifacio's first foray into the world of film, having already directed or produced several movies since 2007.
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Supernatural horror fans know the thrill of a good scare.

Bobby Bonifacio Jr., a Guam-based filmmaker, wants to deliver that experience to moviegoers through ‘Hellcome Home.’ Bonifacio directed the movie which is currently shown in theaters all over the island.

This is not Bonifacio’s first foray into the world of film. He has quite a few directorial and producing credits under his belt, as far back as 2007.

But ‘Hellcome Home’ is the up and coming director’s first movie that is financially-backed by a major studio in the Philippines. In this case, the support came from Star Cinema, undoubtedly a behemoth in movie production in the Philippines.

“I am actually, inspired by a lot of different genres. Personally, I like horror. I like scaring myself with horror movies. Especially, when these Asian horror movies came out back when I was in college, such as ‘The Ring’…those Japanese horror and Korean horror movies.” Bonifacio said.

Guam connection

But there is more to Bonifacio’s story. Like many people who now call Guam home, he moved to the island more than a decade ago.

“I actually moved to Guam around 2007, which gives me more than a decade of living here on the island already. My dad was the one who brought the family over here.”

“He is actually the more popular guy here on island. He is a teacher…He was a theology teacher from Father Dueñas (Memorial School) before. He was a Philosophy teacher from UOG. And now he’s retired.”

By the time time Bonifacio moved to Guam, he already had his foot in the door of the Philippine film industry.

On Guam,  he worked with the Sorensen Media Group as part of the production team. He then moved to a Guam-based telecom company where he worked behind the scenes as a director and producer of TV and online commercials.

Since then, Bonifacio has been dividing his time between the Philippines and Guam to fulfill his creative work.

“I decided to actually hop on the project as a director and we formulated this story about two families living in one house with their personal issues making this home hell for each one of them,” Bonifacio said.

He added: “This movie — Hellcome Home — is actually my third feature film project but this is also my first studio-produced project, meaning it has funding and financial backing from a major studio in the Philippines. I started out around 2006 doing an independent feature film — it is entitled Numbalikdiwa — which is a horror-love story and it was shown here on Guam also because that was also the same time when I first moved here on island.”

After that, it took Bonifacio 11 years to make his second feature,’Hospicio,’ which centered around a rehab facility. 

Hellcome Home is on a limited theatrical run on Guam. Bonifacio is inviting the community to check it out this week.

“I’d like to invite everyone to watch this movie that I directed — HellcomeHome. It is not just for Tagalog-speaking people. It has English subtitles. It is now showing in Micronesia Mall Theatres, as well as in Regal Theatres, here on Guam and in Saipan,” Bonifacio said.

The horror flick stars a host of established Filipino actors and actresses, including Dennis Trillo, Beauty Gonzalez, Raymond Bagatsing, Alyssa Muhlach, Gillian Vicencio, and Teejay Marquez.