Guam Bound Passengers Stranded In Manila For Over 38 Hours


Guam – A Continental Airlines flight bound for Guam was unable to depart Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Monday January 3rd, because one of the airline’s B767 aircraft engines experienced an fuel leak.


A Continental passenger from Guam, Chona Eco says everything went well on her vacation until a Continental Representative announced to all the passengers inside the airport that their flight would be delayed for three hours. Eco says those three hours turned into a 38 hour layover. According to Eco, none of the waiting passengers knew why the plane was delayed until after the first day. She says that’s when a Continental Airlines Pilot approached the waiting passengers to give them an update.

Eco says, “Finally we heard from him and he explained what had happened. He explained that there was a fuel leak on the engine. First it was minimal but apparently it got worse so it before like three leaks with the engine and then they had to fix. So they sent a mechanic from Guam to Manila to fix the problem.”

Eco says the mechanic finally fixed the leaks and the plane arrived on Guam yesterday afternoon at around 2pm. She is happy that they arrived safely, But she says she missed two days of pay from work because she did not have leave for that missed time. Eco says until now the airline has not compensated the 230 passengers for their inconvenience.