Guam Brewery officially open for business

With a ribbon-cutting to mark its grand opening, the Guam Brewery is on a mission to become Guam's national beer.

Guam’s newest craft beer production brewery is officially open for business.

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With a ribbon-cutting to mark its grand opening, the Guam Brewery is on a mission to become Guam’s national beer.

Located behind the historic San Miguel Brewery in Harmon, the company has a facility designed to create a line of six craft beers made to reflect the flavors of the island. The containers are also environmentally friendly.

As a local businessman and part-owner of the brewery, Jay Merrill says they have an outstanding product that represents the very best of Guam.

“This is a beer that’s made here that reflects the flavors that were designed for our people. It is utilizing techniques and equipment that’s state of the art, and it’s made by a head brewer that has won awards in California, in Denver, and in Europe,” Merrill said.

Head brewer Mike Converse says it’s been a nearly three-year journey to get this point to establish a manufacturing facility. He explains what this means for Guam.

‘Well, it gives a fresh local beer that’s made here. I mean, we’re making it here as fast as we can. We’re going to have it in cans in the stores and hotels and restaurants as fast as we can get it out,” Converse said.

Merrill adds the craft beer line has the Guam product seal and is developed specifically for the taste of the people of Guam.

“We have six flavors, ranging from very light, our Gold Cream to our porter, which is a chocolatey and delicious dark beer and we got all the other range of flavors in between,” Merrill said.

The Guam Brewery has its products featured at its Tap House location in Tumon, but is preparing for wider distribution at different locations around the island.