VIDEO: Guam Buildup Scoping Comments Focused on Firing Range Location


Guam – 398 comments were given during the scoping portion of the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Guam buildup. A scoping summary report was put together by NAVFAC Engineering Command Pacific.

According to the summary report most of the comments were focused on the preliminary site alternatives for the live fire training range complex and the potential impacts to recreation, real estate and historic properties.

READ the Final Scooping Summary Report HERE

The scoping process is the first in a series of steps involved with the SEIS. The SEIS should be completed with a record of decision signed in the first quarter of 2015.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. who has oversight of the buildup says that he’s received some clarification from Joint Guam Program Office officials with regards to Admiral Locklear’s statements that the buildup won’t happen until the year 2020.

“The comments that were shared with me yesterday was that 2020 could conceivably be the commencement of the relocation of troops so more or less everything between the record of decision and the first quarter of the calendar year 2015 all the way to 2020 would be more or less when all of the facilities would be constructed so that everything would be prepared so that the movement would provide for a smooth transition for the troops,” said Senator Aguon.

 Essentially JGPO officials told Senator Aguon that the 2020 date was more a date of completion of the buildup when when all the construction of facilities would be completed and when the marines would actually be moved to Guam.