Guam business owners coalition formed to lobby against lockdown


A new nonprofit group called the Guam Business Owner Coalition has sent a letter to the legislature, expressing concern over the lack of government support for local businesses.

Founded by local business owners Thomas Peinhopf and Regina Timmermann Levanas, the Guam Business Owner Coalition was formed after the first 100 days of lockdown to assist other business owners with advice and moral support.

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In their letter to the legislature, they expressed their frustrations towards the government’s treatment of local businesses since the pandemic began.

Despite receiving benefits from The Guam Small Business Pandemic Assistance Grant Program, the coalition leaders said this was only enough to pay for 1 out of the 7 months of their ongoing expenses.

“We have been following measures taken by the leadership since the first day of the pandemic in March 20th, 2020. However, after 180-plus days, we can longer accept that politicians of both sides of this leadership are turning a blind eye to our burden of heavy commercial rents and other monthly fixed costs that keep accumulating,” the letter stated.

The letter continues, “Many businesses have already closed and are lost forever. We are at the brink of our extinction and only a tiny spark of hope left.”

The Guam Business Owner Coalition has also filed a government claim of reimbursement for fixed costs and expenses based on a daily rate.

For more information on The Guam Business Owner Coalition, visit their website at