Guam businesses, workers urged to report their employment status

Senator Regine Biscoe Lee. (PNC photo)

Guam businesses and workers are being urged to contact the Guam Department of Labor to report their employment status.

Companies that have had to lay off workers and individuals who have been laid off as a result of the economic blow caused by the coronavirus may qualify for federal assistance.

Senator Regine Biscoe Lee, who chairs the committee on labor, sent out a news release this afternoon urging both employers and employees who have been affected by the economic downturn to report their status to the Department of Labor.

GDOL Director David Dell’Isola explained his department needs to compile data in order to qualify for relief funds included in the Phase Three relief package pending in Congress.

“Guam is in the same boat as every other state in waiting for monies to help people who are unemployed and furloughed. There is nothing immediate other than unemployment insurance which we don’t have. But this stimulus package round 3 will be included for Guam,” Dell’Isola said.

Workers who have been furloughed or businesses that had to lay off employees can reach Guam DOL by emailing