Guam Cancer Care partners with SMG’s “My Story” for Ifit Echo Program


Guam – Guam Cancer Care is embarking on a journey to spread awareness about cancer even further among our youth and the Sorensen Media Group is proud to announce that it is partnering with Guam Cancer Care in this journey.

It’s called the Ifit Echo program which expands cancer awareness to high schools. 1,000 students from 8 high schools, to include all six public high schools, Academy of Our Lady of Guam and Pacific Islands University, will participate in the Program which will be integrated into the school curriculum using SMG’s show My Story, a show about cancer awareness. After each episode, students will have the opportunity to write letters and participate in a service learning program.

Tiyan High School Teacher Mary Garvilles explains the Ifit Echo curriculum.

“So with the curriculum, there are five parts which includes understanding cells and how cancer derives from that and then the data and statistics that come from our island because we are higher than nationals, and then there’s the prevention and of course the intervention portion of it,” said Garvilles. “So with the partnership with My Story, this is what we’ll enhance and furthermore impact to make it alive, to make this disease that we have here more personal and relatable so our students can see how patients in our island are living through this.”

Meanwhile, Simon Sanchez High School Teacher Jay Anitok says she’s already incorporated the program into her classroom.

“It’s to be able to give students the awareness, the knowledge, so that they understand that although cancer hasn’t affected them personally, that they have the information and so that they can take that and say, ok, hey, I did learn from this, I know what to do, I know the preventions, I know who I can turn to as a resource,” said Anitok.

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