Guam Cancer Trust Fund awards $110K to Guam Memorial Hospital

Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

The Guam Cancer Trust Fund, at its monthly meeting on March 24, approved an award of $110,000 to Guam Memorial Hospital Authority for use in fiscal year 2021.

The Guam Cancer Trust Fund is a special government fund created by Public Law 30-80 in 2010 that receives a percentage of taxes collected on tobacco products via the Healthy Futures Fund. The University of Guam administers and manages the fund, overseeing its distribution to organizations that provide patient-directed services in regard to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and other services that may be required to access treatment, such as off-island transportation and temporary housing.

The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, which has been providing inpatient chemotherapy treatment and other cancer-related outpatient services through its oncology program for 37 years, will utilize the funds to purchase cancer-related medications, fund a local oncologist, provide patient cancer care, and provide prevention training and education for families.

This award follows the trust fund’s March announcement of $946,122 awarded to five other nonprofit cancer organizations. Its FY2021 awards come from its $1 million appropriation for 2021 and carryover funds from previous years.


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