Guam Cannabis Extract Expo Held Its Press Conference Earlier Today


With Guam’s Cannabis Industry Looking to start soon, the Guam Cannabis Extract Expo held a press conference for the media.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

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Earlier this morning, members of the creative team of the Guam Cannabis Extract Expo held a press conference on what to expect at the event.
PNC previously reached out to Benjamin Schiff, AlterXego’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, for a comment on what he believes the goals are for the expo, “We are ecstatic that the Guam Cannabis Extract Expo is the largest cannabis expo in the Marianas island. We hope to continue bringing in world-renowned keynote speakers & give everyone a chance to learn from masters in their field.” He also added that, ” The Guam Cannabis Extract Expo is a non-consumption event focusing on education, networking, and the preparation of legal cannabis in the Mariana islands.”

During the press conference, Schiff brought up the idea of technology and tools that help community members understand the potential of the cannabis industry. These new emerging market tools operate with functionalities like testing THC and CBD levels, allowing consumers to find specific amounts beneficial to them.

Darryl Harris, Owner, Positive Peer Pressure stated, ” talking about the tools, not only can you test the THC percentages and the CBD percentage, we even have consumptions tools digital you can now consume via Bluetooth off your phone and dial in the exact temperature because maybe you have sensitive throat and sensitive lungs and you don’t like all that coughing but being able to lower those temperatures down you know technology is expanding nowadays so everyone has more opportunities to try it different ways. ..”

Harris also touched bases on what cannabis can do for the medical market for Guam, he first stated that, of course information he says is not medical advice and to seek medical professional help for guidance with cannabis but continues with, ” cannabis has a lot of medical benefits; hearing what trev had to say, I’m pretty sure he uses a lot for anti-inflammatory purposes there are a lot of neurological benefits so especially if you end up getting concussed, it’s nice to have those cannabinoids in there already so that it actually reduces inflammation and the damage done.”

In addition, Richonne Lizanta, Owner of the Almighty Micro Greens, commented on the medicinal uses of cannabis THC and CBD. She stated, ” In my time at the realeaf shop, I actually helped a lot of our manamko, and a lot of them really wanted a lot of the medicinal use, and a lot of people really underestimate the use of CBD we’ve had a lot of people at the shop where they had Alzheimer’s, strokes, heart attacks a lot of them could not find an alternative for western medicine so they turned to CBD and not even thc and a lot of them had more enhanced life in regarding their health, and a lot of them never went back. .”

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