Guam Chamber of Commerce Unites Small Businesses with Corporations


The Guam chamber of commerce brought new opportunities for local businesses as they held their annual business expo.

The world of small business can be a tough pursuit for success, yet the Guam Chamber of Commerce understands the needs for small business growth.

The chamber holds an annual business expo which allows small businesses and corporations to connect and build relationships that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  The goal is to build economic support and forge strong relationships that are viable for both corporations and small businesses.


Executive Vice President of Black Construction Corporation, Thomas Anderson, explained that his corporation participates in the expo because it is difficult to connect with small businesses. He shares, “To find them is a difficult thing because, in fact, a number of small businesses don’t advertise and if they don’t participate in any of your previous work, you really don’t know them, so getting to know who they are and what they do is very important for us as a large business.”

The expo featured a forum with guest panelists from DZSP 21 LLC, GSA, T- Galleria, and Triple J Five Star Wholesale Foods Inc. providing tips and answers for local business owners. Over 30 exhibitors were present from industries that varied anywhere from procurement, technology, automotive, and construction.


Companies that have been established on Guam for over 40 years were present as well as companies who were looking to expand to the island.  Jon Hake spoke on behalf of Vectrus, a company based in Colorado Springs, on their plans to build relationships with the local business industry; “The reason for being present at the expo is to foster and build on relationships with small businesses, we’re a company based out of colorado springs, but we understand to get things done in Guam it takes local know how and local businesses.  It’s not up to a big prime to come on island and pretend that they know to get things done.  It’s to partner withe the local small businesses to get things done.”


In addition to the forum and expo, attendees had the opportunity to schedule appointments to meet with large corporations featured in the “match-making” process.  Small Business owners,  like Jon Cramer and Laurent Wainer of Green Endeavors, met with corporate representatives to discuss how they can work together and gain a stronger sense of relation to the industry.


Cramer mentioned, “We had some excellent conversations and great feedback, not just success in getting to the right person or them enjoying what our product is but good feedback from them on the process that we might want to take to get our products in with their companies.”

Wainer adds,  “ Well it was excellent. We were able to get in front important people at big companies and who were willing to listen and guide us to the right people that are in their companies in order to try to introduce everything.”


The Guam Chamber of commerce feels it is necessary to provide a platform for companies to network and showcase the opportunities to work together in any capacity.  David Leddy told PNC that the Chamber hopes to increase the ability to foster economic support not only for Guam but also to see local businesses thrive within the industry.