Guam CPI Falls -0.9%; But Food Prices Rise 2.9%; Beef and Poultry Costs Surge More Than 12%


Guam – The Guam Consumer Price Index [CPI] fell -0.9% in the 3rd Quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

Unfortunately, the price of food did not decrease. It is up 2.9% over the same period last year. Both beef and poultry prices have lead the way up with the cost of beef surging 13.1%  over last year. Poultry prices are up 12.5%.

However both housing and transportation prices have falled. The cost of Housing is down -1.4% from last year. And transportation costs are down by -7.4%.

READ the Bureau of Statistics and Plans’ CPI Report for 2013 Q3 HERE

Highlights from the Q3 CPI report:

FOOD GROUP:    UP 2.9%

Beef:                        UP 13.1%

Poultry:                    UP 12.5%

Dairy products         UP  1.2%

Eggs:                        DOWN -0.8%

Seafood                    DOWN 11.8%

Fresh Fruits              UP 3.8%

Fresh Vegetables:     UP 0.6%

Fats and Oils:           UP 10.5%


New Cars:               DOWN  10.7%

Motor Fuel:             DOWN -3.1%

HOUSING GROUP:           DOWN   1.4%

Rent and Lodging:              DOWN -0.6%

Electricity:                         DOWN -5.8%

Water, Sewage & Trash       UP 0.8%