Guam Customs Confiscate Counterfeit Bills


Guam – Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency officers identified and confiscated counterfeit US currency at Guam’s ports of entry three times this

Two of the bogus bills were found by Customs officers at the A.B. Won Pat International Air Terminal from passengers on two separate flights. one from Saipan on December 2nd and the other from Taipei, Taiwan on December 5th. The third bill was also found on December 6th by a Customs civilian clerk counting cash from the day’s receipts. All bills were in $100 denominations. the counterfeit bills have been turned over to the United States Secret Service for further investigation.

The Customs & Quarantine Agency urges the general public to be aware of counterfeit currency that may be circulating the island. There are certain ways to identify authentic bills without the use of special pens or lights that may not be available to the average citizen.

First, take a good look at the bill. You may be able to differentiate a real bill from a photocopy.

Another technique of authenticating a bill is to hold it up to a light source and locate its watermark, which is usually on its right side and its security thread on its left.

f you look close enough, you may also be able to read any microprinting which identifies the bill’s value or the phrase “The United States of America.” Still another way to identify authentic bills is to look for “color shifting” ink. If you do come across or have seen what you suspect is a counterfeit bill, you are urged to contact the Guam Police Department or the United States Secret Service immediately.