Guam Cyclist Joseph Husslein Ready For His Ride Across The United States


Guam- Cyclist Joseph Husslein is about to embark on a 3,240 mile journey across the United States, but not before the island community sends him off in style.

Husslein’s 41 day cross country trip from California to South Carolina has raised over $49 thousand dollars for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Guam agency and another $9 thousand dollars for other chapters across the U.S.. At Wednesday’s send off celebration at the Fiesta hotel, the long time cyclist says his “Little Big Ride” was something he initially wanted to check off his bucket list. He also says he increased his bicycle rides to 400 miles a week to help train for this long trek. But overall, Husslein mentions helping children through his ride means the most to him.

“For me, it’s less about the ride” said Husslein. “Trying to do something to help the kids and give back to the community and provide awareness to what mentorship can do for Big Brothers & Big Sisters and help them reach their greatest potential.”

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Husslein adds the next item to check off his bucket list when he returns to Guam is some beach time.