Guam Wins Best Dancer Award at World Folkdance Competition in Korea


Guam- Two dancers with the Inetnon Gefpa’go cultural dance group took home awards from the 2013 World Folkdance Competition in Cheonan City, Korea.

18 year old Brandon Fujikawa and 19 year old Alex Gagarin beat out 18 other countries and won 2nd place in the competition. Both are part of a 12 member delegation from Inetnon Gefpa’go that have represented Guam as guest performers since September 29.  Fujikawa and Gagarin are from the village of Malojloj.

A release quotes Group Director Vince Reyes as saying he is “extremely proud of them and their representation of our island and culture.”

The group was invited by the Cheonan World Folkdance Organization to represent the Pacific.  

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Guam- Two of Guam’s Inetnon Gefpa’go Dancers wins 2nd place for Best Dancer Competition in the 2013 Cheonan World Folkdance Competition in Korea.

Brandon Fujikawa 18, and Alex Gagarin 19, Both from the village of Malojloj took home the 2nd prize, beating 18 other countries. First Place was awarded to dancers from the Czech Republic. Fujikawa and Gagarin are part of a 12-member team of Inetnon Gefpa’go who have been in Korea since September 29, 2013.

Cheonan World Folkdance Organization invited Inetnon Gefpa’go to represent the Pacific as guest performaners with the exception of the best dancer competition.  Group Director Vince Reyes says ”  I am extremely proud of them and their representation of our island and culture.”

[Guam Delegations poses with Emil Dimitrov, Vice General Secretriat of FIDAF and President of Folkworld Organization during the closing ceremonies.]


[Winners!! Inetnon Gefpa’go’s Brandon Fujikawa and Alex Gagarin pose after Winning in the Best Dancer Competition in the 2013 World Folkdance Festival in Cheonan City, Korea.]


[ Inetnon Gefpa’go Performs in Street Parade in Myeong Dong, Korea.]


[Inetnon Gefpa’go’s Daniel Gascon and Isa Gagarin, both attending Southern High School, pose with participating countries from around the world during closing celebration.]