Guam Declared Storm and Tsunami Ready


Guam – Guam has once again achieved the recognition of being a storm and tsunami ready community.

It’s been nearly six years since Guam was last recognized by NOAA’s National Weather Service with this recognition which is effective as of  June 12.

The designation required local agencies to meet a list of  stringent criteria.

The preparedness program is geared at helping communities develop plans to prepare and warn citizens about severe weather, flooding and tsunami threats. For Guam to become StormReady and TsunamiReady, it had to meet several criteria focusing on disseminating and receiving critical weather information, methods for alerting the population, community outreach, a comprehensive natural disaster plan, and 24hr points of contact.

“As an island that is prone to the potential wrath of Mother Nature  and as an agency that’s committed to holding emergency preparedness at the highest level, I am proud Guam has earned National Weather Service’s distinctive “TsunamiReady/StormReady” recognition,” said Homeland Security Advisor, James T. McDonald.

Ms. Genevieve Miller, meteorologist-in-charge of the Guam National Weather Service Forecast Office, presented the Lt. Governor with recognition letters and StormReady and TsunamiReady signs at a ceremony held today, June 19 at Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense.

“Guam should be very proud of this recognition. In the entire United States there are less than 2000 locations that have been designated as StormReady and less than 110 locations designated as TsunamiReady, so this recognition speaks volumes for Guam,” stated Ms. Miller.

“Since 2006 Guam has continuously maintained this recognition. I work very closely with GHS/OCD and I’ve been amazed with the growth in capabilities,” said Chip Guard, National Weather Service’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist at Guam’s Weather Forecast Office.

“Although this is a pinnacle for Guam, we don’t intend to stop here. We intend to continue to maintain and improve our readiness. We need to focus down the road and maintain this prestigious certification,” added McDonald.