Guam Delegation at DNC: “It was a Great Moment for Guam”


Guam – The Guam delegation attending the Democratic National Convention has released the following statement on the 12 votes they cast for President Barack Obama Wednesday night in Charlotte.

READ the release from the Guam delegation at the DNC below:


Speaking to a national audience at last night’s session of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Senator Rory Respicio presented the unanimous vote of the Guam delegation in support of the nomination of President Barrack Obama. “It was a great moment for Guam and for drawing attention to issues important to Guam’s people,” said Respicio who chairs the Guam Delegation. “Combined with the action taken on the Party Platform, I believed a great deal has been accomplished to advance Guam’s interests “Two days ago, the Convention approved the party’s platform including a call for a partnership with Guam’s people with respect to military matters including the buildup and supporting the right for self determination and fair treatment in federal programs  for  Guam.

Respicio further stated, “On an individual level, the delegation has been actively promoting Guam and we have been very positively received.” After the roll call vote last night, Respicio was interviewed live on C-Span. Throughout the week Guam delegates have interviewed a various national and international media including national and international media CBS, BBC,  Time Magazine, Fox news and even an Italian National Newspaper, Libero. Guam delegate Regine Biscoe Lee was also tapped by the Obama campaign’s social media team and was featured on the Women for Obama & Asian American Pacific Islanders for Obama facebook pages. Her post received over 39,870 likes & 2,366 shares so far ( Lee said, “its great to be able to connect with people from Guam who live in the 50 states and help persuade them to cast their precious votes for a President  who has and will continue to keep the best interests of Guam & the territories in mind,”

The Guam delegation has also been working this week with representatives of the CNMI Democratic Party, Herb Sohl and Ed Manibusan, who are in Charlotte to gain recognition and acceptance in the National Democratic Party.  On Friday, the Democratic National Committee will be meeting to act on a motion by Democratic National Committee Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to amend the Party Charter to include CNMI. Respicio explained that the Guam Delegation helped provide the CNMI Delegation with convention credentials and will be fully supporting Rep. Wasserman-Schultz’s motion.

In presenting Guam’s vote on President Obama’s nomination Wed. night, Senator Respicio stated,

“Madame Secretary, Hafa Adai from Guam where America’s day begins, and home of our effective Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, and we’re going to send her back to the House! .

Guam is proud to lend its voice in support of President Obama’s policy for a Guam military buildup that is done right. Guam supports our President’s commitment to protect medicare for the elderly; for our Presidents commitment to stand up for the rights and dignity of working families. And also for a President who believes in our people’s right of self determination. Madame Secretary the Guam delegation proudly casts 12 votes for President Barack Obama!”