Guam Delegation Presents Research on Globalization at Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur


Guam – University of Guam President Robert A. Underwood heads the Guam delegation comprised of scientists and researchers at the Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur.

Guam holds one seat on the Pacific Science Association Council via the University of Guam.  “The keynote speaker talked about Asia in the Year 2060. This parallels our discussion about how Guam will look in 2050; how it will look if we do nothing and how we can shape our future in the decades to come by developing policies that will support sustainability.”

[ UOG Professor Dr. Terry Donaldson presents on the future of reefs during the Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur]

The following researchers are presenting at the Pacific Science Congress:

* Becky Stephenson Convener of Session- Agents of Globalization in the Asia Pacific Context

* Mary Spencer – “Paths of Central Caroline Island Children’ During Migration and Times of Rapid Change”

* Todd Ames – “Impact of Globalization on Small-Scale Agricultural Production in Yap, FSM”

* Becky Stephenson and Hiro Kurashina – “Reconstruction of Orongo Marae: Exploring Changing Patters of Kinship, Community and Identity in Abiu, Cook Islands”

* Terry Donaldson, Convener of Session – Future of Coral Reefs, Climate Change, Acidification, Over-Fishing and Other Stresses

* Terry Donaldson – “Climate Change, Reef Fishes and Extinction Risk”

* In the Biodiversity Studies Session Harley Manner presents, “Recent Work on the Botany of Romonum Island, Chuuk Lagoon, FSM”

* Robert Underwood, co-convener (with Japanese medical professors from Tokai University) Political and Economical Issues on E Learning and E Health in the Pacific Session

* Bruce Best presents, “Telehealth in Micronesia: Technical and Cultural Challenge”

“This is the kind of work that Universities do; careful research provides the data communities need to think deeply about issues and help change the framework for action,” added Underwood.

Participation in the conference was funded through grants or private funds. Government of Guam funds were not used to support travel to the Pacific Science Congress.