Guam Democrats gear up for U.S. presidential election; publish draft 2020 delegate selection plan for national convention

Senator Regine Biscoe Lee. (PNC photo)

As the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee heats up, the Democratic Party of Guam (DPG) is gearing up for its participation in the national convention and publishing its draft 2020 delegate selection plan.

Under national Democratic party rules, the delegate selection plan must ensure outreach to underrepresented groups and must be available for public comment for at least 30 days before the plan can be adopted by the Democratic Party of Guam’s central executive committee.

According to Sen. Régine Biscoe Lee, who chairs the Democratic Party of Guam, the plan serves to ensure delegate representation among minority Democrats as well as members of the LGBTQ community. Once adopted, the plan will be in effect for the Guam caucus scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 2, 2020.

Lee stressed that the strength of the Democratic Party of Guam comes from its diversity and by giving a voice to the disabled, the disenfranchised, and the underrepresented, the party will by its values.

At the Guam caucus, six delegates and two alternates will be chosen to participate in the National Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 13-16, 2020. The Democratic Convention will culminate in the nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate.

The draft delegate selection plan outlining how minority rights will be protected throughout the selection process will be published on the Democratic Party of Guam’s Facebook page. Comments will be accepted for 30 days and can be emailed to: