Guam Democrats welcome Medicaid expansion, inclusion of SSI in ‘Build Back Better’ plan


The Democratic Party of Guam on Friday welcomed the announcement that Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid Expansion for the Territories have been included in the Build Back Better Plan. For months, the Democratic Party of Guam has been advocating for these issues to members of the DNC.

“Throughout the year, Guam’s Democratic Party leadership joined the chorus of support expressed by Governor Leon Guerrero, Democratic Legislative leadership, and our Delegate to Congress for parity and equality for Guam’s residents and all Americans who live in US territories,” said newly installed Guam Democratic Party Chairman Tony Babauta. He adds “from the Guam Congress Building, to Adelup, to Washington: Democrats have achieved a monumental milestone by bringing this issue to the forefront. We did this because we all agree that healthcare and critical social services are vital to our community.”

This morning, Chairman Babauta, Vice Chairwoman Jenn Dulla and Acting Executive Director Chirag Bhojwani participated in their first virtual meeting with DNC representatives. The Democratic Party of Guam highlighted many areas where both the DPG and DNC can collaborate and work with local and national democrats to advance President Biden’s agenda.

Tomorrow, DPG representatives will also be participating in a meeting with senior DNC and White House staff relative to the Build Back Better Plan. The Democratic Party of Guam will continue to advocate for the extension of Medicaid and SSI to the territories and tell the Guam story to ensure that this provision is not removed. The Democratic Party of Guam further thanks President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Grijalva and Vice Chair Sablan for their tireless efforts in fulfilling this promise to Guam.

“It is clear that we can no longer afford to allow the “separate but equal” doctrine applied to the territories. In my testimony to Congress advocating for the overturning of the Insular cases and in numerous follow-up letters, I requested that Congress, under its Plenary Powers, pass legislation that would create equity among states and territories in the application of essential federal programs, like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income and to affirm its belief that every American is equally American wherever they might live,” said Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes. “I want to thank Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Raul Grijalva, Delegate Kilili Sablan, Neil Weare, Rodney Jacob, Katrina and Leslie Schaller, and many others for their work. Because of them, Americans across the territories are one step closer to parity.”