Guam Department of Ag Applies for $285K DOI Grant to Combat Brown Tree Snake


Guam – The Department of Agriculture has submitted a federal grant application to the Guam State Clearinghouse (GSC) requesting $285,000 from the Department of Interior.

The grant, Brown Tree Snake Technical Assistance Grant, with CFDA number 15.875, has a projected start date of February 1and projected end date of March 30, 2013.

The application grant seeks funding to implement the Department of Agriculture’s Brown Tree Snake Research and Control Program to support Guam’s native wildlife recovery.

Using the GSC State Application Identifier, 01611021108N, a summary of the application may be viewed or downloaded upon request.

For the submission of public comments or to obtain a digital version of the grant application for review, please contact Michael Bumagat via email at within fifteen (15) days of this notice.