ACT Aspire results reveal Guam students’ progress


GDOE’s new comprehensive ACT Aspire results measure students’ college readiness and success. 

Guam – The results are in: the Guam Department of Education’s Dr. Zenaida Natividad says the ACT Aspire data reveals students are “progressing, but not quite where they need to be.” 


“Test what we teach” is the underlying principle behind the adoption of the ACT Aspire test. It’s part of GDOE’s new comprehensive assessment system used to determine how Guam students grades 3- 10 measure in comparison to the ACT benchmark. The benchmark measures college and career readiness using three levels: ready, close, and in need of support. 

According to Dr. Zenaida Natividad, GDOE’s RP&E Administrator, the growth students have shown in ACT Aspire reveals that students are indeed progressing, but are not yet meeting the benchmark. 

And to parents that may be anxious about the new ACT Aspire process or how students are fairing, Dr. Natividad has a message that might assure them: “Parents, good news: your student is doing well and if not, then on those reports you can see what particular skill your particular child is slow at and be assured that the district, the school level, the teacher is all being taught how to address the particular needs of your student.”


According to GDOE’s acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez, the individual test scores will be available no later than tomorrow.