Guam Department Of Education Will Release SAT 10 Scores On Saturday


Guam – The Stanford Achievement Test 10 results for the 2009 – 2010 school year are in and will be released to the schools stakeholders on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12 PM in the Chamorro ballroom at the Marriot Hotel in Tumon.

Guam Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood says for the first time, the SAT 10 results will be presented by the schools principles to the school stakeholders. She says the key to tomorrows event is that the stakeholders will have an opportunity to go over their strengths and weaknesses and to determine what theIR priorities are for this year.
Underwood says, “The inital review of the results that had been provided to me by the principles clearly demonstrated a steady improvement in key areas compared to prior years. but then at the same time we do know that Math continues to be a challenge to us.And so thats pretty much where we are at.
Underwood adds, “Historically Math has always been a challenging subject for our students. She says these results will give schools a chance to make positive changes to do better on next years SAT 10.”