Guam Department Of Health Says Mumps Outbreak Still Ongoing

Guam – There’s still an ongoing Mumps outbreak that started at the beginning of this year.
Since January there were over 450 Mumps cases reported to the Department of Public health. Program Manager for Immunization
Annette Aguon says, with assistance of the U.S. Center of Disease Control and the Guam Department of Education, last
May a preventive 3rd dose intervention was given to over 1100 students at the 7 schools that had the highest attack
rate at that time. The seven schools are Adacao Elementary School, Astummbo Middle SChool, Chief Brody Elementary
School , FB Leon Guerrero Middle SChool, Untalan Middle SChool, Machananao Elementary School and Tamuning
Elementary School. Aguon says several months have passed, now the USCDC is back on island conducting a survey  on
3,000 see if the 3rd dose was effective.
Aguon says, “We wanted to see, if a student had the third dose of MMR, did they still come down with mumps. And for those
students who didnt get the third dose, we wanted to find out if they still came down with mumps. And then have a
comparison between the two groups to see if the third dose intervention was effective for the future out breaks ,
So that why U.S.CDC is back.
Aguon says, The Department of Public Health is seeking help from the parents who may have had children in grades 4
through 8 at those seven schools last year. Public health is gave out surveys to the students, now they are
requesting parents to return the survey to school administrators as soon as possible.
The Department of Public Health would also like to announce that there will be a free Adult Immunization clinic
tomorrow from 10AM to 2PM or while supplies last at the Micronesia Mall below KD Toy Store,
Aguon says,  “In the past its just normally been Influenza vaccine, but this year we are also giving out Pneumococcal
vaccine for individuals that are 65 years and older. We were fortunate to get additional federal funding, so we will
also be offering Tetanus vaccine  as well as Meningcoccal vaccine thats for meningitidis.
This clinic is only for adults that are 50 years of age or older. The Department of Public Health  is requesting for everyone to bring a valid ID and their shot record.