Guam Department of Labor launches Apprenticeship Week with 200 local employers


To attract the emerging workforce and younger generation of soon-to-be employees, the Guam Department of Labor hosts apprenticeship forum. 

Guam – Those seeking to get their foot in the door to the job of their dreams, might want to consider the “earn while you learn” apprenticeship program by the Guam Department of Labor. 

The paid-on-the-job learning program was a core theme at today’s GDOL Industry Forum.

Over 200 small business owners and employers from across the island community gathered at the Hilton Resort to learn new strategies to incorporate the up-and-coming workforce.

PNC spoke with GDOL’s Phyllis Topasna the Program Coordinator for the Registered Apprenticeship Program here on Guam.


“Well, this event that we’re having is targeted to the employers who need to go in and increase their workforce, but are at a quandary at how to do that and one of the ways we want to increase their workforce is through the apprenticeship program,” she said.

The last forum has not occurred since 2011, and with new funding from the US Department of Labor, the forum will not only occur this year, but is guaranteed to reboot again next year.

We spoke with the US DOL Apprenticeship and Training representative Douglas Howell who admitted that while Guam poses its own unique set of challenges, the goals of National Apprenticeship Week can be realized with the help of additional support. 

“It’s National Apprenticeship Week, it was recognized with President Obama, so this week is very important for apprenticeship and we used the hashtag “apprenticeship works” and so with that, Guam had a forum and we invited all these employers. We have over 200 employers here today and we’re trying to give them the ability to understand what is apprenticeship and what it can do for them and for Guam,” he said. 


Phyllis Topasna encourages anyone who is unsure about the apprenticeship program to contact the Guam Department of Labor Office where she promises they will sit down and work with your individual needs.