Guam Department of Labor Launches New and Improved Job Bank


Guam – The Guam Department of Labor announces the launch of the new and improved Guam Job Bank GU.Jobs.

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Guam DOL recently became a member of the National Association of Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and has joined all 50 states and Puerto Rico in the National Labor Exchange (NLX) system.   As a part of the membership in NASWA, the organization offers to host a job bank system.  Guam DOL has taken advantage of that service and will now have a modernized and robust job bank that exceeds the capabilities of the department’s existing internet based job bank.

With the upgrade, Guam Employment Service will have the ability to feed current job opening data to all State Workforce Agencies as well as downloading job openings from other State Workforce Agencies to make those openings prominent to Guam job seekers. This new functionality also helps make job opening information more visible to U.S. job seekers in cases where posting job openings are mandatory, as in petitions for certain temporary and permanent foreign workers and federal contract compliance situations. Job opportunities can be searched by city, employer name and keyword. The system also allows job seekers access through social media and smart phones.

Charlie Terrell, with the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, National Labor Exchange, Operations Manager out of Washington, D.C. is on island to assist with the launch and has been doing staff training with Guam DOL personnel who will be utilizing the system.  Mr. Terrell will be facilitating technical support and initial customizations needed for the launch.

Additionally, the new Guam job bank helps military members or veterans translate their military skills to jobs in the civilian sector.  The MOC crosswalk function allows veterans to enter the type of work performed in the armed services and receive a list of civilian jobs that require those skills. “This is another way for veterans to transfer their skills into civilian life by finding work that suits them and helps them continue to grow in the skills they obtained in the armed services,” said GDOL Administrator Greg Massey. “The system is remarkably simple and easy to use.”

With the new robust capabilities in place, DOL can better assist job seekers in identifying open jobs using technology and media that job seekers are accustomed to in the digital age.  According to Mr. Terrell with NASWA, “As more of today’s jobseekers are turning to online resources to find employment, it is necessary to provide them with a tool that is accessible from all devices, both mobile and desktop.”

We invite the media to do on camera interviews at 11:00am at the Guam Department of Labor, Director’s Office Conference Room at the 4th of the GCIC Building in Hagatna.   For questions, please contact Greg Massey at 475-7005.