Guam Diabetes Control Coalition aims to reduce diabetes by 20 percent


Today is National Diabetes Alert Day, and the Guam Diabetes Control Coalition has introduced a 5-year strategic plan to reduce diabetes on Guam by 20-percent by the year 2020.

Guam – Jina Rojas, Chairwoman of the Guam Diabetes Control Coalition, was the guest speaker at today’s Rotary Club of Tumon Bay meeting. In her presentation, Rojas talked about GDCC’s 5-year plan, which includes strategies like a proposed beverage tax and a diabetes prevention curriculum for schools, drawing attention to the risk of pre-diabetes.

Rojas shared, “12-percent of our population is living with diabetes. 9- out of 10-percent for U.S. numbers are living with pre-diabetes and don’t even know it. That’s the population we’d really like to bring awareness to, so if they are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, they have a better chance of reversing the condition or delaying the onset of Type II diabetes if they make some modifications to their behavior.”

The strategic plan was introduced over the weekend at the Diabetes Alert Day Health Fair. “The coalition came together and created a 5-year plan to reduce the prevalence and mortality rate of diabetes on Guam 20-percent by 2020,” Rojas said. “It’s an ambitious goal, but I know that with true collaboration and working with government leadership and all the other stakeholders, as well as people who are living with diabetes, that we can absolutely accomplish these goals.”

Rojas encourages everyone to take a risk assessment test to see if you’re at risk for diabetes or pre-diabetes. You can find the test on the American Diabetes Association’s website at

You can view GDCC’s 5-year strategic plan by clicking on the attachment below.